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Parents, families, educators and communities—there’s no better partnership to assure that all students nursery to high school have the support and resources they need to succeed in school and in life. It takes a village to raise a child – is a popular proverb with a clear message : the whole community has an essential role to play in the growth and development of its young people. In addition to the vital role that parents and family members play in a child’s education, the broader community too has a responsibility to assure high-quality education for all students.

The evidence holds true for students at both the elementary and secondary level, regardless of the parent’s education, family income, or background and the research shows parent involvement affects students’ academic and all other achievement across all races.

We welcome open communication with parents in the school. We believe keeping parents informed and involved is quite important. We do have message alert system in place to update the parents. For any of your specific queries please feel free to reach us.

Unity – teachers,students & parents

I dreamt I stood in a studio,

And watched two sculptors there.

The clay they used was a young child’s mind,

And they fashioned it with care.

One was a teacher, the tools he used

Were books, music, and art.

One a parent with a guiding hand

And a gentle loving heart.

Day after day, the teacher toiled,

With a touch that was deft and sure.

While the parent labored by his side,

And polished and smoothed it o’er.

And when at last, their work was done,

They were proud of what they had wrought.

For the things they had molded into the child,

Could neither be sold nor bought.

And each agreed they would have failed

If each had worked alone,

For behind the parent stood the school

And behind the teacher the home.

-Author Unknown